“I am memorizing every event to my memory while my senses are wide open recording everyone’s conversations. Aware or not, all these records leave their mark on me. Things happening around me, things I’ve heard, listened, said, seen, thought, done, been unable to say, wanted to hear, wanted to say, wanted to see, wanted to do, wanted to be… This intensity, this excess cannot be digested after a while and needs a way for expression.”

These works, based on myself, focus on the disguised and the invisible which are sometimes masked out and other times cumulated inside. By the effort to read the text as a plastic item and the instinct that develops as a counter reading progress, language and the writing break loose from its saying and directs itself as an instrument that has to be seen and not to be read. This allows the constitution of a paradoxical space between the vision and the speech much like overlapping layers and sound turning into noise.

1984, lives and works in Istanbul



2002-2006, BA, Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department

2006-2009, MA, Marmara University Fine Arts Institute Painting Department

2012-2017, PhD, Marmara University Fine Arts Institute Painting Department

2013-2014, PhD, Universidad de Complutense Fine Arts Department (exchange student)


Solo exhibitions

2019 “Definitely Maybe”, Galeri Aydın, Istanbul

2018 “Out!” Mekan Blogspot, Balikesir

2012 “Levantando Capas” Galeria La Pan, Barcelona,

2010 “Between the things” ALANistanbul

2008 “Ben-lik”, Tiyatro-z gallery, Istanbul

Group exhibitions

2018 “Anı Bellek” Galeri Aydın, Istanbul

2017 “A4 Nedir?”, Cumhuriyet Museum, Istanbul

2017 “Istanbul Codex”, Imago Mundi Collection, Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo, Palermo

2016 “1Sergi” Mügsf, Istanbul

2015 “Pasteller Hazır mı?” Bant Mag, Istanbul

2015 “Exit”, Galeri Ark, Istanbul

2014 “Contra art fair”, The Old Truman Brewery, London

2014 “Locality and Global discourse” Cumhuriyet Museum, Istanbul

2014 “El Descanso del Guerrero”, SanFest, Madrid

2014 Festival Salalacalle, Madrid

2014 “Haciendo Barrios”, Conde Duque, Madrid

2014 “Expresionismo en Proceso”, 1+1 play, sin animo de nombre, Madrid

2014 “Contemporary Palimpsest”, California

2013 “Detached Steps”, Mugsf, Istanbul

2012 “in search for the new”, Armaggan Gallery, Istanbul

2012 “Ikametgah Kadıköy2”,Hush, Baris Manco Cultural Center, Istanbul

2012 “Black Dragon” Milk Gallery, Istanbul

2012 “Ikametgah Kadıköy”, Asfaltart Gallery, Istanbul

2012 “Bir”, Armaggan gallery, Istanbul

2011 “1+1=11”, Tamtam ART, Berlin

2011 Takt Kunstprojektraum open studios, Berlin

2011 “Destroy Istanbul”, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin

2010 “Lives and Works in Istanbul”, projects exhibition, Sanat Limani Art Centre, Istanbul

2010 “In between-arada-tra “, Antoni Muntadas workshops exhibition, Tophane-i Amire, Istanbul

2008 “We need fresh minds”, Tershane, Istanbul

2006 Prof. Tayfun Erdogmus studio exhibition, Goethe Institut, Istanbul

2006 “El/le” 2005-2006 Academic year graduation projects exhibition, Pera Museum, Istanbul


Istanbul Codex, Imago Mundi Luciano Benetton Collection, Italy


2014 “Locality and global discours” conducted by Mugsf & Cca, US-TR

2013 “Multiculturalism and Identitiy” conducted by Mugsf & Cca, US-TR

2013 “Conversation in painting” conducted by: Margo Slomp & Anke Coumans, Istanbul

2013 “Artist book and simple bookstructures”, conducted by: Lennart Mand, Istanbul

2010 “Poloplast and Pixilasyon workshop”, conducted by Michael Carrington, Kurye video

2009 “In between istanbul”, conducted by Antoni Muntadas, Istanbul

2009 “Camera obscura theatre”, conducted by Jochen Proehl, Istanbul

2006 “Borrowed rooms”, wood print workshop, conducted by Wolfgang Pills, Istanbul

2004 “Zapping”, conducted by Emre Zeytinoğlu, Istanbul

2003 “Camera obscura”, conducted by Jochen Proehl, Istanbul


2012 apr.-may Pantocrátor Gallery / La Pan, Barcelona

2011 oct. Takt Kunstprojektraum artist residency program, Berlin